George Pearsons Says Vermont’s COVID-19 Restrictions Sound ‘Like Nazism’

During Sunday services at televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s Eagle Mountain International Church in Texas, senior pastor George Pearsons railed against restrictions designed to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, decrying them as “governmental tyranny” akin to Nazi Germany.

“This pandemic has been used, it’s been used as a tool for socialism indoctrination,” Pearsons preached. “We’re witnessing serious governmental overreach. Businesses, schools, churches; they’ve all been shut down. And they’re trying to train us, and they’re trying to train our children how to live under governmental tyranny.”

Pearsons was particularly outraged by the state of Vermont, which announced that any student who attended a Thanksgiving gathering with people beyond their immediate family would have to quarantine for a week and then present a negative COVID-19 test before being allowed to return to school.

“That sounds like Nazism,” Pearsons fumed. “I can hear, and you’ve all watched movies with Nazis and the way they talk—this is the same thing here.”