Gavin McInnes: Punching Nazis ‘Should Be a Hate Crime’

CRTV host Gavin McInnes, who founded and recently abandoned the Proud Boys group, told listeners that he believed it should be considered a hate crime if a person is called a “Nazi” while they are being hit. Unfortunately for McInnes’ argument, the U.S. legal system does not consider “Nazis” to be a protected class.

McInnes’ producer, Ryan Katsu Rivera, recounted a story yesterday during which said he was called a “Nazi” while dining at a Chili’s restaurant. McInnes asserted that the term “Nazi” is an epithet and Rivera agreed, calling it “the worst thing” someone could be called. McInnes likened calling someone a “Nazi” to calling them a “faggot,” insisting that the derogatory nature of both words made them equal in terms of distinguishing hate crimes.

Since its inception, the Proud Boys group has played host to many white nationalists and developed a reputation for engaging in street violence at rallies they attend. Nine members of the group were recently arrested for brawling after an event McInnes hosted in New York City in October, during which someone was filmed calling the person they were beating a “faggot.”

“How is ‘Nazi’ not as bad as ‘faggot?’ I think they’re both pretty bad,” McInnes said. “Like, say you beat up a guy and you were screaming ‘Nazi’ as you beat him up. Couldn’t you argue that’s a hate crime? Because when you beat up a gay guy and you say that word, the f-word, it’s seen as homophobic.”

He continued, “So if you’re getting beat up, and someone says ‘Nazi’—you’re obviously not a Nazi—then they’re using a derogatory word and they’re using ideology to beat you up, to justify it. So, it sounds like the same thing to me.”

“’Punch a Nazi’ should be a hate crime,” McInnes said.