Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich Says He’s ‘On Sabbatical,’ Appears On White Nationalist’s Podcast

Gateway Pundit New York bureau chief Lucian Wintrich talks with white nationalist podcast host Nick Fuentes while "on sabbatical" from his company. (Screenshot /

Lucian Wintrich was, at least at one point, the Gateway Pundit’s man in the White House press room, but lately, his byline has been noticeably absent from the site. He tells us he is “on sabbatical” from Gatway Pundit while he is “attempting a book and a few other things.”

Among those “few other things” was an appearance by Wintrich on a podcast hosted by Nicholas Fuentes, who was documented making anti-Semitic remarks and who said “it might be descriptive” to call him a white nationalist. Naturally, we had some questions for the outlet about that media booking and the fact Fuentes introduced Wintrich as the “New York City bureau chief from the Gateway Pundit.”

Wintrich’s paid time off appears to have begun on May 30, as he has not been seen on Gateway Pundit since then, with the exception of a video interview he did with Fox News channel host Jeanine Pirro and a clickbait video of eccentric liberal “reporter” Louise Mensch. Despite this, Wintrich’s profile on Twitter still boasts the Gateway Pundit name.

“I think on both sides, we’re going to take a little heat for this show,” Fuentes said at the start of the podcast.

Fuentes and Wintrich have been chummy for some time now, which Fuentes alluded to himself, calling Wintrich “pretty famous and a good friend of mine.” Their relationship was made clear earlier this year when we spotted their interactions at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Although Wintrich rejects Fuentes’ calls to cease immigration from non-white countries, he did join Fuentes in entertaining the premise of scientific racism, which is the age-old practice of misapplying scientific research to justify white supremacist ideology, one pillar of which relies on a supposed difference in intelligence quotient (IQ) among the races. On the podcast, Fuentes argued that the migration of people from places like Mexico and the Middle East was tainting his vision of a “high IQ” America with no immigration, while Wintrich argued instead that some immigration of “low IQ” people is good because it provides “shitty people” to work low-skill labor that “high IQ” people don’t want to do.

Wintrich also started to discuss what he believes to be a genetic difference between races and when he mentioned that “IQ exists,” Fuentes grinned and excitedly nodded his head, before Wintrich walked back his argument somewhat by supposing that a Pakistani child raised in a Chinese household might achieve more than peers raised in Pakistani homes.

Later in the show, Wintrich said that “the very last thing we should be doing” in America “is allowing hordes of new immigrants to come in. Not only hordes of new immigrants, but specifically saying we want the shittiest immigrants in the entire world to flood our country.” Wintrich later told Fuentes that current immigration policies reminded him of his life experience.

Wintrich said that after a life of attending private schools that were mostly white, that going to public schools that had buses that service low-income minority neighborhoods provided his first encounters with people he described as “real shit human beings” that have “no sense of social interaction” and who would call white people “honky.” Wintrich compared that moment in his life to the current immigration policies in America, which seemed to resonate with Fuentes, who added, “All immigrants are not equal—because they’re not the same.”

Wintrich and Fuentes also complained about “anti-white” racism being allowed on Twitter and contrasted it with social media companies who have decided to boot Infowars and Alex Jones from their platforms.

Wintrich told Right Wing Watch that Gateway Pundit does not approve his media appearances and that the site’s owner Jim Hoft does not ban him from engaging with controversial outlets.

“Not sure why you’re under the impression Jim bans us from debating people,” Wintrich said. “I’ve historically always said ‘yes’ to any show invite that isn’t before 10 a.m.”

Wintrich, it should be noted, was not really “debating” Fuentes on this program, as the two seemed to be largely in agreement on the issues they discussed.

Hoft did not respond to our request for comment.