Gullible Right-Wing Pundits Get Trolled By Satirical Tweet

Three prominent right-wing writers cited a satirical Twitter post to warn that Antifa protesters are planning to launch a civil war on November 4 that included beheading “white parents and small business owners.”

An anonymous but popular comedian on Twitter who tweets under the username “Krang T Nelson”—an homage to a cartoon character in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”—was suspended from Twitter after posting a satirical status mocking conservative fearmongering around a series of demonstrations organized by Refuse Fascism, a group separate from Antifa, scheduled for November 4. The user tweeted:

Twitter suspended the Krang T Nelson account after the post was reported by conservatives who believed the tweet was serious. Fellow Twitter comedian Tom Bloke then copied and pasted the since-removed tweet to his own profile to show solidarity. It didn’t take long for the worst right-wing pundits to seize the opportunity to embarrass themselves.

The Gateway Pundit’s White House reporter Lucian Wintrich reported on the satirical tweet reposted by Bloke as if it was a serious threat of “anti-white racism” against “white parents” and “small business owners.”  Wintrich also identified Bloke as “one of the leaders of the domestic terrorist group ANTIFA,” which is a lie.

Pro-Trump sycophant radio host Bill Mitchell shared the Gateway Pundit article with his followers:

Daily Caller writer Ian Miles Cheong called Bloke’s repost a “deplorable tweet” and bizarrely defended his position when Twitter users pointed out that the post was satirical and that Bloke was not actually advocating beheading people in town squares.

The user behind the Krang account has re-emerged on Twitter with a new account, declaring that getting suspended was “worth it” to prove the gullibility of the Right’s worst pundits.