Frank Gaffney: European ‘Multiculturalist Fantasy’ Led To Mosque Attack, Could Spark Civil Wars

The Center for Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney joined “Breitbart News Daily” yesterday to discuss the attack on worshippers outside a mosque in London this week, which killed one person and injured 11. Gaffney told Breitbart’s Alex Marlow that while he wasn’t excusing or endorsing the attack, it was the result of a government that has been “indulging in a sort of multiculturalist fantasy” by welcoming an “invasion” of Muslim immigrants, a dynamic he warned could lead to civil wars across Europe.

The U.S. and Western Europe, he said, “have been appeasing these guys, not resisting them. And the reaction to that, I think, increasingly, is a real, well, restiveness, shall we say, if not fear on the part of the people who live in those countries and see them slipping away. And I’m not making any excuse for it, certainly not endorsing it, but I think you’re going to see more of the kind of retaliation in kind that we witnessed in London last week at the Finsbury Park mosque, if that perception that the government isn’t going to stand up for their countries, isn’t going to protect their people against these jihadists—either the violent kind, Alex, or the sort of stealthy kind of the Muslim Brotherhood that set the stage for this kind of Sharia supremacism and jihad in due course.”

Marlow responded that while he condemned the attack, “I do fear that this could happen more often, simply because people don’t feel as though they are being protected.”

“This is simply the outcropping,” Gaffney said, “of what’s been, essentially, cultivated for a long time…[In] the Western European nations where they have been indulging in a sort of multiculturalist fantasy, where they’ve been trying to deal with hard demographic realities by accommodating large numbers of people making what in the Muslim tradition is called ‘hijra,’ a kind of colonization, invasion, if you will, migration in large numbers.”

“Finsbury Park Mosque is one of the most virulently jihadist mosques in the world, and it happens that this is where this attack took place, I don’t think that’s entirely an accident,” Gaffney said. “But the point is that if our governments are going to continue to be willfully blind about these preconditions to more extremism, more jihadism, more violence, then you’re going to find that populations in these countries are either going to have to submit—and many are prepared to do that, I guess, look at France at the moment—but doubtless some will fight back, and that’s perhaps a formula for civil war. We’ve seen a lot of that over the years in Europe, and I fear it may be in prospect again.”

Marlow responded that while he hopes “it doesn’t come to that,” it “has to be a consideration if the governments are not taking evil seriously and instead they’re preoccupied with non-issues” like “the climate” and “the Russia conspiracy obsession.”