Frank Amedia: Opposition to Trump Is Part of a Demonic Effort to ‘Prevent the Return of Christ’

Frank Amedia, the tsunami-stopping and ant-reviving pastor who founded the POTUS Shield prayer effort to wage spiritual warfare on behalf of President Donald Trump, declared that opposition to Trump is really part of a spiritual battle being carried out by demonic forces in order to “prevent the return of Christ.”

During a recent appearance on Stephen Strang’s podcast, Amedia said that there is a demonic “Babylonian system” at work in the world today, which will eventually become “the Bride of the Antichrist” during the Last Days. This system, he said, is behind efforts to destroy morality and create a one-world government, both of which have been halted by Trump’s election.

“We understand that it is not flesh and blood that we war against, but it’s principalities and powers,” Amedia said. “There are some very intense principalities that were working, first of all, to try to prevent him from winning the election … They are still working. In fact, I caution, we should not feel as if the battle is over—it has just begun. They will regroup and come back stronger. They continue to come, and they come to cause rebellion, anarchy, disruption, insurrection, and they are murderous spirits.”

“All of the things that we see that were happening prior to this man, Donald Trump, with his breaker anointing, coming forth and putting a mix into all of it,” he added. “Donald Trump has a big target on him and that target isn’t just politics, that target is spiritual because he literally single-handedly has arrested the momentum of that system and he’s threatened it. We can put names and faces on them here on earth, or we can understand that this is spiritual.”

“We are in a cataclysmic spiritual battle that is trying to prevent the return of Christ,” Amedia declared. “Donald Trump has come in and he’s put his foot on the pedal in one end to bust it up and he’s put his foot on the break on the other one to slow it down.”