Frank Amedia: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Was God’s Punishment for Pressuring Israel

While speaking at a “National Apostolic and Prophetic Gathering” in Florida last week, Frank Amedia, the tsunami-stopping and ant-reviving pastor who served as an unofficial Christian liaison between Donald Trump and the Religious Right during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, asserted that the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill was God’s punishment for President Obama reportedly snubbing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and pressuring him to divide Israel.

“How many of you remember April 20, 2010?” Amedia asked. “Deepwater Horizon blew up. Now, a few days before that, there was an earthquake in Georgia Sound up in Alaska. The day the Georgia Sound earthquake happened, I received the anger of the Lord, and I did because it came out that Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, went in to our White House to visit with our president to talk about the division of the land of Israel. You wanna push God’s buttons? Start talking about Israel and dividing his land.”

“The Lord said, ‘Son, prophesy to the north and to the south and say it across this great span of this great country that I will shake the north and then I will shake the south and I will call from the deep and I will show disaster,'” Amedia added. “So I preached it.”

“Sunday night, Georgia Sound, boom! I said, ‘There it is in the north,'” Amedia continued. “Wednesday, April 20, Deepwater Horizon blows up. Boom. I said, ‘God’s angry.'”

Amedia claims that he was then told by God that the oil spill would not stop “until my son [Netanyahu] is received back where he belongs and they take their hands off my land,” and that he just laughed as scientists and engineer spent months trying unsuccessfully to cap the well, knowing that it was all up to God.

“Then, all of a sudden, after all those days, Benjamin Netanyahu gets invited back to the White House,” he said. “This time he’s received by the president and the first lady at the door, walked in to a place and taken up to where he belonged in the Oval Office for a chat. They sat down and I said, ‘We will be like flies on the wallpaper. We’re going to know exactly what happened in that meeting because if [Obama] backed off and made peace with this man, took his hands off the land, God’s going to stop that well. If he did not, that well is going to keep going.’ And I said, ‘God will stop it within seven days.’ Six days later, the well stopped.”