Former Trump Adviser: Rainbow Flags At US Embassies ‘Make A Mockery Of God’

Frank Amedia, an Ohio pastor who previously served as the volunteer “liaison for Christian policy” to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, has been heavily promoting a prophecy he says he recently received that the church in the U.S. is like the biblical Esther and will, by getting involved in the election,  save America from a “Jezebel spirit” and globalist kings.

Amedia expounded on this prophecy in a sermon on Sunday, saying that if every Christian in the U.S. voted, “we’d control everything” and be able to impose “God’s law” on issues like marriage and transgender rights.

“If we voted, and voted the things of God, there wouldn’t be any of these discussions going on,” he said. “We would own it from the top to the bottom in Christ, and we wouldn’t have to politically justify why God’s name isn’t Allah, why God didn’t make man and woman as one gender. We wouldn’t have to justify why a man can’t wake up in the morning and say he feels like a woman and go into a little girls’ bathroom. We wouldn’t have to justify why a man should not be married to a man and a woman to a woman. We would just have to say, ‘That’s God’s law.’ And you know what, you don’t accept it, too bad.”

Earlier in his sermon, Amedia recalled a recent visit to his church by self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs, who reported witnessing a rainbow flag “polluting” the U.S. embassy in Costa Rica. Amedia told his congregation that rainbow flags in front of embassies amount to a “mockery” of God and could cause God to pull his cover of protection from America.

“Our leaders have been appointed gay ambassadors to represent our country,” Amedia said. “And because we bathed our White House in gay colors, they have the authority to do the same thing and export that to other countries. One nation under what? Do we make a mockery of God? Does God allow himself to be mocked? Only for so long, and then he begins to pull the cover.”