Pro-Trump Pastor: God Will Send October Surprises To Stop ‘Jezebel Spirit’

Frank Amedia, an Ohio pastor who served for some time as the volunteer “liaison for Christian policy” to the Donald Trump campaign, told Charisma’s Steve Strang in a podcast recorded on Friday that Trump’s continued competitiveness in the presidential election is a “tremendous testimony of the spirit of God,” and that God is using events like the recent developments about Hillary Clinton’s emails to expose a “Jezebel spirit” in the country.

Amedia credited God with the FBI’s recent revelation that it may have found more emails relevant to its investigation of Clinton’s use of a private server, saying that “there’s more coming.”

“And it’s coming because the Lord is shaking,” he said, “and He said He’s going to expose this Jezebel spirit that is trying to hijack not only the authority of this country and the sovereignty of this country as one nation under God, but to quell and stop the words of the church.”

He promised that “we’re going to see the arm of the Lord move quickly” in the final days before the election. “You know what, Steve, 10 days is not a lot of time but it’s an eternity to God.”

While some Christian conservatives have balked at disclosures about Trump such as the release of a 2005 recording of him boasting about sexually assaulting women, Amedia argued that Trump’s ability to withstand such scandals is just further proof that God is behind his campaign.

Amedia told Strang that God told him that Trump would win the GOP primary despite all odds, and “only God could have put this in the position that it’s in” since Trump has withstood things “that would politically destroy any other candidate.”

“Now we sit today with a turn of events that could possibly begin to turn this thing a completely different way,” he said, “and I believe it is, but it’s only the beginning, such that everybody here, you would have to be blind and not willing to listen to reason, even the logic of the supernatural of God, to say this isn’t God. Only God can continue to keep something moving like this when all the odds are against it. So I believe, as we see this come to its conclusion, it’s a tremendous testimony of the spirit of God.”