Fischer: Muslims Know They Need Christians To Keep Them From Killing Each Other

Last month, Bryan Fischer declared that the war in Iraq had been an epic failure and that our soldiers had died for nothing because we had failed to topple Islam’s dominance in the country. 

As Fischer saw it, the only thing that had kept Iraq functioning under Saddam Hussein was that “Christians to help him run the country [because] Christians were the only decent, trustworthy, honest people he could find.” When Hussein was toppled, it left Iraq in the hands of Muslims and “Islam simply doesn’t produce men with the kind of character and integrity needed to run a country.”

Today Fischer is back and pointing to a poll showing nearly 60% of Iraqis disagree with the decision to withdraw US soliders as evidence proof Muslims know that they are incapable of living in peace and need to be controlled by Christians who can keep them all from killing one another:

How can this be? How is it possible that the Muslims in Iraq long for a Christian army to stay in their land? Simple. They know that Islam is a violent, bloodthirsty religion and that their nation will lapse into uncontrollable chaos once Christian America is no longer projecting force there.

In other words, the Iraqis are Islamorealists. They know instinctively, confirmed by long years of experience, that it is impossible to build or sustain a democratic form of government in an Islamic land. Islam is about domination, control, and tyranny. While Christianity expands through persuasion, Islam – each variant of it – expands at the point of a sword.

There is no such thing as “We the People” in an Islamic country. It is “I the Prophet” everywhere. The Prophet and his Qur’an excercises controlling power, not a democratically elected government or democratically adopted constitution.

Iraqi Muslims know that if they do not have a Christian army to protect them, they will soon see the disappearance of any semblance of freedom.

Is Islam a religion of violence and war while Christianity is a religion of peace and stability? CBS asked the Iraqis, and they just gave us the answer.

Back in July, Fischer was saying that the US needed to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan if all we were doing was creating Islamic states, so it becoming pretty clear that Fischer believes that the central goal of any US military operation ought to be to place Christians in control over non-Christian nations.