Fischer: Gov. Perry’s Prayer Rally Leading The Way To Establishing “Sound Spiritual Policy” In US

On his radio program yesterday, Bryan Fischer spent a good bit of time explaining how central Christianity has been to America’s success as a nation and warning that secularists are “ruining this country.”  That is why, Fischer explained, Gov. Rick Perry’s upcoming “The Response” prayer rally is so important; because it is an effort to unify politics and Christianity and establish the “sound spiritual policy” without which America has no future:

In the last forty to fifty years, for the first time in our history as a nation it is secular fundamentalists – that is, those who reject transcendent truth and transcendent values – they are the ones that are running this country. They are running this country and they are ruining this country because they are rejecting the transcendent truths and transcendent moral values of the Judeo-Christian tradition. They are rejecting the spirit of Christ and they are rejecting Christianity. But Christianity is the secret to our success. America is what it is, it is what it has become, because of the spirit of Christ and the spirit of Christianity.

And unless we get that back, that is why this prayer event is so critical, that’s why it is so important … it is far, far more important that we have sound spiritual policy in the United States, that we get back to this wholehearted, unapologetic, unambiguous embrace of Christianity. Not just by the people, but by our leaders and that is why Gov. Perry is showing the way. He’s a political leader who is demonstrating what [Alexis] de Tocqueville talked about, this unity of politics and Christian faith as the thing that represents the secret source of America’s greatness. And unless we get back to that, we have no hope.

It doesn’t matter how sound our economic policy is, if we do not get back to embracing the spirit of Christ and the spirit of Christianity we have no future.