Famous Musician Ricky Skaggs Says the Election Was ‘A Crime’ and God Will Return Trump to Office

When most people hear the name Ricky Skaggs, they most likely think of the famous country and bluegrass musician. What is less well known is that Skaggs has long had a deep affiliation with the modern-day “prophetic” Christian movement and close ties to movement leaders like right-wing pastor Rick Joyner, who has repeatedly prophesied that the United States is heading for civil war.

Thus, it was no real surprise to see Skaggs appear on the “Elijah Streams” YouTube program Tuesday, where he claimed to have been told by God that former President Donald Trump was being protected by the same angel that protected George Washington.

“When I got to the inauguration [in 2016, Trump] comes out on this platform,” Skaggs recalled. “He just come out and stood. And when he stood, I had this vision, and I heard a word from the Lord. He said, ‘Father of the nation.’ And I went, ‘Wow, that was what you called George Washington, Lord.’ And then when I said that, I saw a vision of Donald Trump—he hadn’t been president yet. It was in Heaven, but it hadn’t been on Earth as it is in Heaven. It was five or 10 minutes before—but I saw him standing almost like a general. It was like he had a Revolutionary War general’s outfit on, like a George Washington. And the Lord told me that the same angel that was with George Washington was with President Trump.”

Later in the broadcast, Skaggs specifically cited self-proclaimed “prophets” Kat Kerr and QAnon conspiracy theorist Johnny Enlow while claiming that the 2020 election was “a crime” and that God will restore Trump to office.

“I kind of stand where brother Johnny Enlow stands on all of this,” Skaggs said. “I think he’s a clear messenger, clear prophet. And of course, Kat [Kerr] and many others that believe he is going to return as president. I don’t know when, but I do know how. Because if God is going to bring righteousness; righteousness and justice is the foundation of his throne, and so if he’s going to bring justice together in the Earth, in what he’s doing right now—what the Lord is doing right now—with the take down of cabals, take down of all this evil that’s going on and all of the pedophilia rings and the child sacrifices, all that is going on. God is hearing the cries of those children, and he’s making this right. He’s going to make this right. And so it is obvious as the nose on my face that the election—it wasn’t fraud, it was a crime—it was absolutely a crime what happened, and God is not going to stand by and let something like that be stolen.”