Far-Right Family Research Council Ready For Trump To Carry Its Agenda

Thrilled by Donald Trump’s election, the Family Research Council has laid out an ambitious agenda for the president-elect.

The Religious Right group wants Trump to appoint far-right justices to the bench; roll back LGBT legal protections and “ferret out” LGBT rights supporters from administration posts; reverse “social engineering” in the military; further restrict abortion rights; defund Planned Parenthood, and repeal the Affordable Care Act.

The FRC scored a major coup when Trump’s transition team designated Ken Blackwell, an FRC senior fellow, to handle domestic policy.

In an email to FRC members today, FRC President Tony Perkins warned that “President Obama’s worst attacks on your faith, your family, and your freedom” can continue to “haunt” Christians “even after he leaves office.”

Perkins urged Trump to quickly rescind “five nightmarish Obama executive orders and policies,” including those protecting the rights of transgender students, forbidding federal government contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity and ensuring Planned Parenthood funding and access to contraception.

Will Christians in America be haunted by President Obama’s worst attacks on your faith, your family, and your freedom — even after he leaves office?

Here are five nightmarish Obama executive orders and policies we MUST convince the new government to kill within the first 100 days:

  • Rescind the executive order mandating that public schools allow males in girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers — a nightmare for girls vulnerable to sexual predators. Please give to help us convince the new government to END it now.
  • Overturn the executive order which forces federal employees and contractors (often family-owned and faith-based businesses) to publicly affirm same-sex marriage and key aspects of the LGBTQ+ agenda — FORCING people of faith to choose between their religion and their careers.
  • Nullify the Obamacare mandate that REQUIRES all employers to fund abortion drugs and abortion procedures that kill unborn children.
  • Get rid of Obama’s mandate that BLOCKS YOUR STATE from defunding Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers
  • Overturn President Obama’s attacks on the freedom of conscience of military chaplains!