Ex-Gay ‘Freedom March’ Organizer: Trump’s Jehu Anointing Opens Door for ‘Trapped’ LGBTQ Eunuchs to Defeat Jezebel

Freedom March organizer Jeffrey McCall (Image from video posted on McCall's YouTube channel)

Jeffrey McCall, who has organized a series of “ex-gay” events under the “Freedom March” banner, wrote in Charisma on Thursday about a “prophetic word” he received from God: “Eunuchs trapped in LGBT community will overthrow Jezebel.”

OK, there’s a lot to unpack there.

As RWW has noted, Pentecostal authors write a lot about defeating “the spirit of Jezebel.” The biblical character of Jezebel was married to the Israelite king, Ahab, and was eventually killed for having convinced her husband to persecute God’s prophets and promote the worship of false gods. In the Bible, God sends the warrior Jehu to kill Jezebel, and when Jehu arrives, a couple of eunuchs who had been serving Jezebel threw her down from the building so that Jehu could trample her underfoot. Among conservative Christians, “Jezebel” is used as shorthand symbol for anything from sexual immorality to man-hating feminism. Some Religious Right authors have written that Hillary Clinton represented Jezebel, and that Donald Trump was elevated by God to play the role of Jehu.

In his Charisma column this week, McCall explained that in the spring of 2017, “the Lord started highlighting eunuchs to me in my time studying the Word.” In the book of Matthew, Jesus refers to some eunuchs having been born that way, some being made that way by men, and some who “made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake.” A man-made eunuch is understood to be someone who was castrated to perform a particular role. The other eunuchs might be interpreted as someone born without the ability to reproduce, or someone who chooses to remain single and celibate as part of their religious following.

According to McCall, God explained things to him this way:

The Lord spoke to my heart that eunuchs born that way are those who were set apart by God from the womb to minister to God. They are to continually minister to his heart, and He to them. They were set apart not to be touched by any other humans. They were not created for marriage and the typical family life.

Then the Lord shared with me revelation of where they are today. The Lord spoke to me again, saying, “Many eunuchs are trapped in the LGBTQ community.” He showed me that not all in the LGBTQ community are born eunuchs, but that many eunuchs are trapped in those lifestyles under deception from the enemy. I couldn’t believe it. Here was this ancient group of people the Lord had talked about all throughout His Word, and now, even in this time, they are among us, but they were hidden.

God further led him to understand, McCall wrote, that the eunuchs trapped in bondage “were the key to the overthrow of Jezebel’s principality.”

Things really clicked for McCall when he heard End Times author Jonathan Cahn talking about President Trump having a Jehu anointing, and the Lord explained it to him:

The Lord reminded me of the Jezebel and eunuchs. The eunuchs couldn’t overthrow Jezebel and fulfill Elijah’s prophecy until Jehu had ridden in. It was now the right time for the true eunuchs to rise up out of bondage and overthrow Jezebel, because Jehu anointing had been released!

McCall held his first “Freedom March” in Washington, D.C. in 2018, and since then has held marches in Los Angeles and St. Paul as well as another one in DC this year. Some members of the LGBTQ community in Orlando have expressed outrage that a Freedom March will be held in that city on September 14, not far from the site of the Pulse massacre, and will feature two survivors of the shooting who have devoted themselves to preaching that LGBTQ people can find “freedom” in Jesus.

McCall’s Freedom Marches are just one part of a major push by Religious Right groups and publishers to promote the stories of people who say they have “overcome” unhappy LGBTQ lives by becoming “saved.” McCall wrote in Charisma that Trump’s Jehu anointing is key to the timing of all this activity:

In 2018, we had the first Freedom March, and I have continued to see these grow! People from all over the country are uniting under the power of Jesus, being set free from these sexual identity lies. My ministry and so many others are seeing people leaving these lifestyles and publicly proclaiming Jesus. The reason why this is happening even more at this time is because the Jehu anointing has been ushered in, and many are about to break free from that spirit of Jezebel principality that has hovered over the United States. Its power will become weaker and weaker as the eunuchs, whom God called from the womb, are released.

The modern-day paradigm of the Jezebel/eunuchs story is coming to pass right before our eyes. I ask that you come into agreement with me right now that those who are born with a eunuch heart will be freed from Jezebel in Jesus Christ’s name—because now is the time.

Rise up, eunuchs, to your destiny, created for you before the foundations of the earth. You are here on earth right now for such a time as this!