The Evil, Emasculating Spirit of Jezebel is Waging War on America, Says Michael Brown

Michael Brown (Image from "Ask Dr. Brown" YouTube video, "Can You Be Gay and Christian?")

Author and anti-LGBTQ activist Michael Brown is out with his latest book, “Jezebel’s War With America: The Plot to Destroy Our Country and What We Can Do to Turn the Tide.” Brown’s book says a demonic spirit—or maybe a collection of demonic spirits—is carrying out a “satanic plot” to destroy America, “beginning with an all-out assault on the church.”

Brown told an interviewer that he wrote 70 percent of the book in a six-day period after “God began to download in me this insight.” He says he “felt fire in my heart, fire in my head, and fire in my hands,” which he takes to mean that “the message of this book is of great importance for our nation today, that the spiritual battle is real and intense, and that we are really dealing with demonic forces that want to destroy us.”

This Jezebel spirit, he argues, is behind a set of spiritual ailments that are undermining America, including man-hating “radical feminism,” “castrated” males, sex outside of marriage, LGBTQ activism, pornography, abortion, witchcraft, and sex trafficking of children. He writes that “it is amazing that God has not vomited out the entire nation, that He has not sent down fire from heaven, that He has not wiped us out once and for all.”

Jezebel was “the most wicked woman in the Bible,” says Brown, the daughter of a pagan king who married Ahab, an Israelite King, and incited him into persecuting prophets and promoting the worship of false Gods. Jezebel died almost 3,000 years ago, says Brown, but “in a very real way the influence of the same demonic forces that worked through her are still being felt today in twenty-first-century America.” Brown writes:

…when we observe the same things happening in our society (or within the church) as happened in Israel in Jezebel’s day, we understand it is no coincidence. It is satanic, it is systematic, and it is intentional. And that’s why I say Jezebel is alive and well today in twenty-first-century America.

“You could say that Jezebel was the first radical feminist,” said Brown in a promotional press release. In the book itself he calls the biblical Jezebel “the ultimate feminist.”

You could say that Jezebel was the first radical feminist. She stood for much more than a healthy feminism that calls for equal pay for doing the same job or women being respected the same way men are. Jezebel was extremely radical, much like the radical feminism that we see in our society today.

Brown graciously concedes, “Not all feminism is bad, and not all women’s movements are misguided.” Then he adds:

But there is a radical feminism that is destructive. It sees marriage as an outdated, slavish institution; regards motherhood as a lesser calling; and views children as an intrusion. It is not merely pro-woman; it is also anti-man and anti-family, virulently so. Males are downright evil (especially, these days in America, white males). The patriarchy must be overthrown. Women must reign supreme. This too is the spirit of Jezebel.

Brown believes that, according to scripture, “the Lord has appointed men to have the primary role in governmental authority. That is why the vast majority of national leaders in the Bible were men, and that is why the vast majority of spiritual leaders in the Bible were men.”

Brown is seemingly obsessed with Jezebel’s power to “emasculate” men. “The more that males are emasculated, the happier she is,” he writes. “She can already sense the kill.” Brown warns that radical feminism turns men into women and women into men. More specifically, Jezebel turns men into “emotionally castrated males” and she “defeminizes women, turning them into male-hating lesbians.” By destroying “God-ordained roles for males and females,” she destroys “the very foundation of our society.”

In one section of the book titled, “The Castrated Males Must Regain their Manhood,” he reassures Christian men, “It doesn’t matter what has spiritually or emotionally castrated you in the past, be it your upbringing or dynamics in your marriage or denominational politics or a moral failure. Jesus is a redeemer and a restorer, and with His help you can become a real man, a biblical man, a godly man.”

Brown is seemingly horrified that “men themselves are joining together in a battle against ‘toxic masculinity.’” (He’s much happier about men organizing against the availability of pornography on college campuses.)

Brown is far from the first Religious Right writer to focus on Jezebel, who is a hot topic on Charisma, which recently offered tips on identifying the Jezebel spirit. Some Religious Right figures, like best-selling end-times writer Jonathan Cahn, have compared Hillary Clinton to Jezebel. In that analogy, which Brown embraces, Trump is Jehu, the warrior who brought Jezebel and her family to their violent deaths. Brown is careful to say that this spiritual comparison does not mean he believes Clinton is literally Jezebel, and that he is not calling for violence against any of his political opponents.

But he sees Trump as the same kind of “bull in a china shop” as Jehu—an “alpha male” like Vladimir Putin. Trump is “fighting forcefully against abortion,” “actively opposing LGBT extremism,” “standing with and for evangelical Christians,” and “supporting the prophets of God,” Brown writes. “And that is why Jezebel is so enraged. Her agenda is being threatened. She is confronting her Jehu again.”

Trump, like Jehu before him, has brought Jezebel out of the shadows, as the radical feminists rage against him in the streets and the witches curse him in their covens. It’s high time we defeat the spirit of Jezebel and help set these women (and their male allies) free.

Brown has a chapter dedicated to telling readers how to resist the Jezebel spirit in their personal lives, by refusing to look at pornography, for example. He warns women with emotionally distant husbands against retreating into romance novels that might lead to them “engaging in fantasies of your own that do not involve your husband.”

He devotes another chapter to resisting Jezebel at a national level. He calls LGBTQ activism and the church’s response to it “the great moral challenge of our era.” He encourages people to reach out to the intensely anti-gay MassResistance as well as to other equality-opposing organizations like the Alliance Defending Freedom and Liberty Counsel. And he suggests that people to take a lesson from Trump and welcome confrontation.

The book was released on August 6 by Charisma’s Frontline books and has been getting a major publicity push from Charisma and friends like televangelist James Robison and author and broadcaster Eric Metaxas. Brown says a team of intercessors engaged in three days of prayer and fasting for its release. The day before its release, Brown devote his own radio show to encouraging people to buy and promote the book as part of their “world-changing mission,” a “revolutionary mission” to “make disciples of the nations” through spiritual warfare. On Wednesday, the book was ranked as the top new release in Amazon’s “Christian Spiritual Growth” category.

Brown was a Ted Cruz supporter who initially saw Trump’s victory in the 2016 Republican primary as a sign of God’s judgment on America. But he’s now on board the Trump train, having declared that “God raised him up” and that Trump “is the president by the sovereign intervention of God.” Last fall he published “Donald Trump is Not My Savior: An Evangelical Leader Speaks His Mind About the Man He Supports as President,” which was designed to help people navigate Trump’s flaws while recognizing “the movement of God that’s present in the Trump presidency.”