‘Ex-Gay’ Activists Warn Kids Now Think ‘You Get Things For Being Gay’

This past weekend, Robert Oscar Lopez, who now runs the Texas chapter of the anti-LGBTQ group MassResistance, helped to organize a “Teens4Truth” conference in Dallas aimed at confronting teens and their parents with the “truth” about LGBTQ identities.

As Media Matters noted, the conference began with an “amazing interpretive rainbow flag dance.” That dance was performed by Derek Paul, who joined Lopez for a Facebook livestream during a break in the conference to discuss his ministry in Florida, which he says works in large part with gay men.

Paul explained to Lopez how he tells the gay men he ministers that if they continue in the “lifestyle,” they will go to Hell and that they’ll never be able to outrun God: “You will never be too far away from Him, there’s nowhere you can run, you can’t get away from Him, He will always find you, He will always be there for you, He will not let you enjoy your sin.”

Lopez then turned the conversation to the “younger generations” where “many people are exposed to some idealized version of the gay community” that may persuade them to be gay even if they don’t have feelings for people of the same sex.

“I can picture tons of people thinking, ‘Oh wow, this is like, everyone has such a great body and they have such great clothes and they all seem to be fun and everybody loves them, so let me become part of it, but I don’t actually want to do anything,’” Lopez said. He added that “there’s an incentive” to being gay now.

Lopez then discussed how he confronted activists about LGBTQ curricula in schools and was told that children weren’t being taught about sex, which he said was even worse than the alternative.

“Then that’s even worse, because you’re giving them a cultural hope and a social hope that’s totally disconnected from the actual physical reality of what it does to your body and everything else,” he said. “So that’s worse than if you were to go and give them a diagram of sodomy in kindergarten, because then at least they get a graphic, pretty shocking description of it. It’s bad to lure them in and then not have them know exactly what they’re getting into.”

Here is Paul’s interpretive dance, courtesy of Media Matters: