Eric Metaxas Says Biden’s Presidency Is ‘A Waking Nightmare’ That Will Bring About Revival

Right-wing radio host Eric Metaxas interviewed radical right-wing pastor Greg Locke on his program Tuesday, where the two agreed that God is allowing Joe Biden to be president to demonstrate to American Christians just how “satanically bad” things can get, which they believe will then lead to a massive spiritual revival in the United States.

“What is coming out of this is revival,” Metaxas said.

“I believe it’s coming through the back door of persecution,” Locke replied, saying that he recently spoke to a Christian from China who said that Chinese Christians are “praying for America to see persecution because that will bring the revival.”

“When this thing happened with the election and then everything that has happened subsequently, this nightmare,” Metaxas responded, “I think it is God’s mercy. It is a wake-up call, not just to the church, but to your average American to say, ‘Wow, look how bad it can get.’ We didn’t think it could get this bad. We think it’s just kind of going back to the way it was under George W. Bush or something. It is such a waking nightmare. That it is the one thing that I think God uses in history—we see it in scripture—to wake his people up.”

“Absolutely,” Locke said. “I think it’s been interesting that the last 15 or 16 months have really been a dress rehearsal because now they know who they can control and who’s going to be a problem moving forward. And guys like us, we’re just gonna be a problem moving forward, and I’m very bold about that.”

“I have not yet begun to be a problem,” Metaxas agreed. “If you don’t know what it is to suffer and to go in the wrong direction, you’re sleepwalking. And most Americans—we’ve been so blessed, we’ve been sleepwalking—we need to understand that it can get satanically bad.”

Metaxas, of course, has proudly been a problem for some time now. In the lead-up to the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, Metaxas emceed a gathering of far-right fringe figures, including Oath Keepers’ founder Stewart Rhodes who called for “bloody war” if Trump failed to invoke Insurrection Act. Metaxas offered Rhodes a blessing as he finished his speech, adding, “This guy’s keepin’ it real, folks.”

Likewise, Locke repeatedly declared that Biden would never become president and now refuses to acknowledge his presidency as legitimate.