E.W. Jackson: The Left And The KKK Share ‘A Virulent Hatred Of True Christianity’

The other day, we wrote a post noting that Religious Right activist and pastor E.W. Jackson was unhappy that a record number of LGBTQ candidates are running for office in Virginia and that he linked the toleration of this sort of sin and “iniquity” to the recent hurricanes in Texas and Florida.

Jackson mentioned our post on his radio program yesterday, laughing uproariously at the idea that anyone would be dumb enough to actually believe that he thinks there is any connection between LGBTQ candidates running for office and natural disasters.

“Folks, this stuff is so stupid that it really does make me laugh,” he said. “LGBTQ candidates are running in Virginia and so that’s why we have Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma beating up people down in Florida and Texas? I mean, not only do you have to be stupid to believe something like that, but you’ve got to be stupid to write something like that and think that other people would take that seriously.”

Jackson then proceeded to make the very same claim that he had just insisted someone would have to be stupid to believe.

“Jesus made clear that in the Last Days, iniquity would abound and sin would continue to get worse and worse,” Jackson said. “This overflow of sin would have an impact on everything and you would see it manifest in all kinds of disorder and chaos and, yes, natural disasters and so forth.”

Jackson went on to assert that these sorts of supposed attacks on him are rooted in a virulent hatred of Christianity, which is something that the left and the KKK have in common.

“What is the similarity between the Ku Klux Klan and and the left?” he asked. “What do they have in common? What do the KKK and the leftists, including the LGBT community, have in common? Are you ready? OK, here is what they have in common: a virulent hatred of true Christianity.”

“I laugh about this stuff because it is so silly, but it comes out of a real hatred,” Jackson said. “What they really hate is God. They hate God, they hate the Bible and they hate Christianity.”