E.W. Jackson Says ‘Religion Is One Of The Most Dangerous Things In The World,’ But ‘Christianity Is Not A Religion’

Religious Right pastor E.W. Jackson declared on his American Family Association radio program on Thursday that “religion is one of the most dangerous things in the world” but that Christianity is not a religion because “it’s reality.”

Jackson was discussing reports about a Muslim convert who moved to Minneapolis recently and has taken it upon himself to try to impose Sharia law on the residents, much to the dismay of local Muslims and Islamic religious leaders.

Jackson said that the young man behind this effort is probably mentally ill and should be committed because he could “erupt into an Islamic jihadist at any moment” since religion is so dangerous.

“Religion is one of the most dangerous things in the world,” Jackson warned. “Religion is. Now some people say, ‘Exactly, that’s why Christianity is so dangerous.’ Christianity is not a religion, folks. Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is a relationship of God’s people, with Him as father, Jesus as Lord, it is a living relationship. We are indwelt by the Holy Spirit and we live and breathe and have our being in Him. It’s not religion, it’s reality.”

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