E.W. Jackson: The Green New Deal Will Lead to the Execution of Climate Change Deniers

Right-wing pastor and radio host E.W. Jackson warned on his radio program yesterday that progressive efforts to fight climate change through things like the Green New Deal will eventually lead to the execution of climate change deniers.

Jackson kicked things off by falsely claiming that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had declared that “having a child is a crime given the fact that the planet will be destroyed in 10 to 12 years by climate change” (that is not what she said).

“Having a child is a crime?” Jackson said. “That sounds like communist China.”

“Think about this,” he continued. “If my disagreement with that, your disagreement with that runs the risk of killing everybody on the planet—and that’s what they’re saying, folks. That’s what they’re saying—if what you are advocating, which is that God made this planet which is capable of healing itself, it’s capable of dealing with the pollution that the industrial and technological revolution brings to bear, that the planet is not in the throes of destruction and not going to implode on itself and all this nonsense that these climate change crazies tell us, if you believe that, you are the equivalent of a mass murderer trying to kill everybody on the planet.”

“Well, how do you deal with a mass murderer?” Jackson asked, rhetorically. “You kill them.”

“I don’t know where else it will go because I don’t think the left will ever, ever, ever stop,” he reiterated later in the program. “And since they believe … that we are killers of the planet if we don’t go along with their dramatic climate change proposals, now we’re all mass murderers. And like I said, what do you do with mass murderers? Well, you can answer that question for yourself.”