Ben Carson: Democrats ‘Intentionally Destroying’ Black Families To ‘Cultivate Their Votes’

Earlier today on “Breitbart News Daily,” Stephen K. Bannon asked Ben Carson what he thought of the “unseemly” and “shameful” attempts by Democratic presidential candidates to make direct appeals to black voters by doing things like meeting with Al Sharpton, something which Carson would never do.

Carson said that black voters’ “obeisance to the Democratic Party” has “yielded more poverty and broken homes and crime and incarceration and it’s completely unnecessary.”

He then alleged that Democrats want to keep black people impoverished in order to win their votes.

“Throwing away faith and family are deleterious to any community and it’s extra devastating on the black community,” he said. “And I believe that many people of the people who are trying to cultivate their votes know that and are intentionally destroying those pillars of strength to keep people in a dependent position.”