E.W. Jackson: Democrats Want To ‘Persecute Followers Of Jesus Christ Into Silence And Submission’

In the wake of his failure to win the Republican Senate nomination from Virginia, Religious Right activist E.W. Jackson has returned to his Staying True To America’s National Destiny (STAND) organization and announced the creation of a new project called “The 2018 Campaign to Awaken the Church.”

Based on the first video Jackson released as part of this new effort, the “campaign to awaken the church” might be more accurately be titled “the campaign to awaken the church to vote for Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections.”

“It is now fair to say that the Democrat Party has become a socialist party,” Jackson declared. “They want to limit free speech, they want to abolish ICE, they want open borders, they want socialized medicine and a national guaranteed income. The Democratic Party has become anti-American, anti-freedom, and anti-Christian. If they could, they would persecute followers of Jesus Christ into silence and submission.”

“Unless the church stands up, America as we know it is gone,” he added. “What can we do now? First, support President Trump. You don’t have to agree with every policy he puts forward or every statement he makes, but he is the best political defense against the march of Marxism and George Soros. He stands up for America, he stands up for God, and he stands up for Christians and the church.”

Jackson warned that if Democrats gain control of Congress, they will immediately impeach Trump, which “could destabilize our society,” so it is up to Christians, he suggests, to go to the polls and vote for Republicans to ensure that does not happen.

“If George Soros and his minions overthrow the express will of the American people, all hell could break loose,” Jackson said. “Unless the Christian church, the body of Christ, stands up, the left will succeed in completing the fundamental transformation of America.”

“Every Christian must register to vote,” he declared. “Those of you in battleground states must vote as if this is a presidential election because, in a sense, it is … It is time for the church to wake up and unite and fight for the vision of one nation under God.”