Draft Palin Movement Gets an Early Start

President-Elect Obama hasn’t even been sworn-in yet and, as we noted a few weeks back, Sarah Palin hasn’t even agreed to attend this year’s CPAC, but none of that is deterring the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee from promising a big showing for itself and its preferred candidate at the upcoming conservative conference:

While not confirmed, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska is expected to be a key note speaker at 2009 CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in Washington on Feb. 26-28, 2009.

This conference has featured the heavyweights of the Republican conservative movement.

The 2012 Draft Sarah Committee will have a booth at the Conference. We will distribute flyers, buttons, placards and bumper stickers. We intend to make sure that the GOP and the United States knows that Gov. Sarah Palin is an overwhelming favorite to be the Republican Candidate in 2012 for U.S. President. And that she will occupy the White House the next year.

Considering that a newly released poll out of Alaska shows that, were Palin to run for Senate in 2010, she’d lose badly to Lisa Murkowski,it might be a little premature to start proclaiming her to be the “overwhelming favorite to be the Republican Candidate in 2012.” 

Speaking of Palin, she’s back in the news, this time complaining to irate “filmmaker” Jason Ziegler about how poorly she was treated by the media during the campaign and a bunch of other stuff: