Sarah Palin: Trump The Only Candidate Who ‘Has Shattered The Glass Ceiling’

On Saturday, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin introduced GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump at a rally in Wausau, Wisconsin, by delivering a “pop quiz” to attendees.

“Maybe if you guys yell out the answer then maybe the media will listen to you all and they can — with respect for you — they will be able to report accurately the answer to these simple questions,” Palin attempted to explain.

After declaring that Trump is “the only candidate who has actually created middle-class jobs and helped Americans realize the American Dream,” Palin asked, “Who is the only candidate who promotes women in his own company and has shattered the glass ceiling decades before that was a popular thing to do? Who respects the women?”

“Donald!” the crowd answered.

The former Republican vice presidential candidate explained that Trump showed his reliance on “strong women” by having his daughter, Ivanka, as one of his top advisers.

Palin made the remarks just days after Trump smeared a female reporter who accused his campaign manager of grabbing her and suggested, before backtracking, that women who have abortions should be punished, just the latest episodes in Trump’s long history of maligning women.