Donald Trump’s Five Dumbest Twitter Rants

Renowned Twitter troll Donald Trump announced his campaign for president today and is likely to qualify for the GOP’s upcoming presidential debates. Here’s a look at some of his “finest” Twitter moments.

5) Vaccination ‘Truth’

The GOP apparently didn’t have enough anti-vaxxers running for president. As Mother Jones notes, Trump has linked vaccinations to autism and even thanked himself for spreading the misinformation:

4) ‘We Need Global Warming!’

Trump has a lot of thoughts on climate change, which he thinks is phony since it is cold in New York during winter:

3) Only Trump Could’ve Prevented The Amtrak Disaster

Immediately after this year’s deadly Amtrak derailment, Trump touted his own expertise in building and said that only by electing him could Americans improve the country’s infrastructure:

2) Obama Bombshell That Wasn’t

Trump hinted at an October Surprise moment in the 2012 election that would expose “something very, very big concerning the president of the United States.”

Trump, who spent months insisting that President Obama’s birth certificate was fake, finally released his bombshell, which was just a video of him promising to make a $5 million charitable donation if Obama released his college and passport records:

“For President Obama not to accept five million dollars (or much more) for his favorite charity can only mean one thing – the records are very bad,” Trump said after the president ignored his video. “Obviously he wasn’t born in this country or, if he was, he said he wasn’t in order to receive financial aid and in order to have a clear and very easy path into a college or university.”

Trump also wondered if Obama would “start a war or major conflict” to win re-election and suggested that the president may have killed a woman who knew the truth about his phony birth certificate:

1) Anti-Obama Revolution!

Donald Trump was heavily courted by Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and ultimately won his endorsement. While in Boston for the Romney campaign celebration, Trump was disgusted that his candidate was about to concede and called for a revolution:

War on Christmas Bonus

Trump, who is apparently not an active Google user, couldn’t find a statement from Obama about Christmas, so he went ahead and tweeted that Obama is trying to marginalize Christmas in favor of Kwanzaa: