Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager Charged With Battery

A Florida police department has charged Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, with battery after an incident in which Lewandowski allegedly grabbed Michelle Fields, then a reporter for the conservative site Breitbart, at a campaign event.

Video footage and eyewitness accounts confirmed that Lewandowski had grabbed Fields, leaving her bruised, but Trump’s campaign and the managerial staff at Breitbart sided with Lewandowski.

After Fields and other Breitbart reporters quit due to the site’s handling of the matter, Breitbart then sent them cease and desist letters telling them not to speak out and published a story attacking Fields and another writer who left.

Trump said Fields “made the story up” and Lewandowski tweeted at Fields that she is “totally delusional.”

Lewandowski also tweeted out a sexist article from right-wing smear artist Charles C. Johnson.

Oddly, Trump has rarely been questioned about the incident by media and, in the midst of the controversy, Trump lavished praise on Lewandowski.

Hopefully now someone will ask Trump why he is standing behind Lewandowski.