Donald Trump: Rupert Murdoch Directing Fox News To Destroy Me, Help Marco Rubio

Before going after Pope Francis today, Donald Trump set his sights on Rupert Murdoch, alleging that the media mogul is using Fox News and the Wall Street Journal to derail his presidential campaign.

While speaking earlier today with Breitbart News Daily, Trump criticized a Wall Street Journal poll showing him slightly trailing Ted Cruz among Republican voters nationwide as “a fix” and “a phony poll.”

“It was a Rupert Murdoch hit,” he said, expressing disbelief that the Texas senator would poll ahead of him since “Cruz couldn’t get elected dog catcher.”

Trump said that News Corp-run outlets like Fox News and the Wall Street Journal are biased against him because “they’re in love with [Marco] Rubio,” unlike CNN and the MSNBC program “Morning Joe.”

“The worst treatment I get is from Fox,” Trump said, particularly from the “moron” Karl Rove. “Roger Ailes won’t lift his finger to help me,” he added, referring to the Fox News CEO.

Update: Murdoch has responded: