Dobson: God Prevailed Over “Forces of Hell” To Save National Day of Prayer

Today, James Dobson dedicated his radio program to discussing the upcoming National Day of Prayer.  His guests included his wife Shirley, who is Chair of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, and John Bornschein, who is the organization’s Executive Director.

During the program, Dobson and Bornschein remarked on last week’s ruling by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals that the National Day of Prayer is constitutional as proof God answered their prayers when the Day of Prayer came under attack from “the forces of Hell”: 

Dobson: We’ve already had an incredible answered prayer in the National Day of Prayer.

Bornschein: It is something we celebrate. We are so blessed by God’s divine hand going over the protection of prayer in America just in the past few months. And on Thursday we celebrated with breaking news a three-to-zero victory in the Seventh Circuit Court to uphold that the National Day of Prayer is constitutional. Actually, just simply echoing the voice of the American public who are saying “yes, we want the National Day of Prayer,” according to the Gallup poll and then the judges echoed that and said “yes, the National Day of Prayer is constitutional and it will continue.”

And this is right on the heels of a state victory allowing the Governors to continue to write proclamations, as well as a victory in a military installation allowing them to have prayer. And now we have the federal court saying “yes, the nation can recognize a national day of prayer” and the president can sign that proclamation on the first Thursday of every May declaring a National Day of Prayer, that thirty-three of forty-four US presidents have already done throughout our history.

Dobson: One year ago on the National Day of Prayer, there was apprehension over the National Day of Prayer because this ruling had just been handed down. And then the Pentagon would not allow Franklin Graham to come … it just looked like the forces of Hell were arrayed against this national prayer movement and yet the Lord has answered prayer and brought us through it.