Dobson and Scarborough: Things Were So Great After 9/11

Last week we mentioned that Rick Scarborough was going to be a guest on James Dobson’s radio program. That program aired on Friday and Dobson and Scarborough spent the half-hour lamenting everything from the current state of the nation to the passing of Dobson’s generation of right-wing leaders.

It began with Scarborough and Dobson lamenting that, following 9/11, the churches were filled with Americans seeking God, but in the years since, that has fallen off and the “sense of urgency” has been lost.  Americans, but more importantly churches, need to “wake up” to the threats this country faces from President Obama’s agenda. Dobson says there has never “been a time in our country where we have needed prayer more than we need it right now”:



Dobson and Scarborough then voiced their worries about the sorry state of preachers in this nation, with Dobson saying that his “class” of political activists, like D. James Kennedy, Jerry Falwell, and Pat Robertson, are passing on, and noted that he was “grateful” that there was second wave of leaders such as Scarborough whom would carry on that tradition:


Scarborough then declared that Religious Right leaders must take advantage of the outpouring of conservative outrage and hostility that gave rise to the Tea Parties and “get out in front of the movement and begin to define it”:


Scarborough even related how he was using clips from Glenn Beck in his church sermons about the threat from President Obama’s “czars” and the threat of the Fairness Doctrine:


Of particular concern is hate crimes legislation, which Scarborough vowed to defy and proclaimed his willingness to go to prison rather than stop preaching, saying “when it’s illegal to preach that homosexuality is a sin, I will break that law” (of course, that is not going to happen, so this is just grandstanding):