DeAnna Lorraine Plans to Go ‘Undercover’ as a Contract Tracer to Expose the COVID-19 ‘Plandemic’

DeAnna Lorraine, a failed Republican congressional candidate and right-wing conspiracy theorist, says she is planning to go “undercover” to expose the supposedly nefarious world of COVID-19 “contact tracing.”

For the last week, Lorraine has been freaking out about H.R. 6666, “The COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act,” which would provide $100 billion in grants to, among other things, trace the exposure and spread of the coronavirus. To say that Lorraine does not seem to understand some basic facts about the COVID-19 virus and pandemic would be a bit of an understatement.

During a livestream yesterday, Lorraine announced that she might apply for a job as a contract tracer so that she can expose what is really going on.

“What kind of soulless, pathetic person would take a job as a contact tracer and sell out their fellow Americans?” she asked. “Who would do that? But then I realized, well, Antifa has been out of work for a while and so has MS-13, so maybe someone like them.”

Lorraine then showed a list of organizations seeking to hire contract tracers, which she found highly suspicious.

“Apparently they get paid up to $55,000 for a contact tracing job,” she said. “Just look up contact tracing jobs—they’re everywhere. And it makes you wonder: If they really just figured this out, you know, they’re all figuring out this pandemic, how did it take them such a short amount of time to put together these contact tracing jobs and with all of these different companies? Things that make you go, ‘Hmmm.’ Was it a pandemic? Or was it a plandemic?”

“What about if I take one of these jobs, and I infiltrate the contact tracing companies, and I go undercover,” Lorraine continued. “Then I can actually do undercover investigative work and then report back to everybody after two weeks what it was like to be a contractor tracer. I’m thinking about this. This could be really good. I think I like it.”