David Kupelian: God Intervened To Prevent Millions Of Americans From Going ‘Completely Mad’ Under President Hillary Clinton

Last month, WorldNetDaily author David Kupelian appeared on the “Generation” radio program hosted by rabidly anti-LGBTQ activist and pastor Kevin Swanson, where he declared that the election of Donald Trump was the work of God and designed to save America from literally going insane under Hillary Clinton.

“I’m one of the people that believe that God intervened in the election on November 8 and gave us Donald Trump,” Kupelian said.

Kupelian claimed that while President Obama was “the most unfit person we have ever, ever had as president,” the damage he did to America would have been nothing compared to a Clinton presidency.

“I don’t think that people have any idea of the horror they were spared in America by not having Hillary Clinton as president,” he said. “Having her as president and just the radiant spiritual effect of having a criminal, a career criminal … as president, my thesis is that she would have driven a large percentage, especially of the younger generation of Americans, completely mad.”

Kupelian declared that “we were saved by a merciful God who looked at America and said, ‘You guys have been really bad, been really disobedient—abortion, same-sex marriage, all this stuff—you guys are really out of it but, you know what? I’m a merciful God. I am going to give you another chance here.”