David Brody Is Very Upset That Obama Recognzied Families With “Two Fathers”

Everyone once in a while, CBN’s David Brody likes to put on his analyst hat in order to explain how some outrageous thing the Democrats have done is going to outrage the Religious Right. 

In reality, what Brody is explaining is how said thing has outraged him.

Since he is a professional journalist, Brody is not supposed to let his personal views on issues influence his reporting, so instead he “reports” on how these issue will play with the social conservatives … and their views inevitably happen to perfectly mirror his own. 

Case in point is this blog post he wrote on how President Obama’s Father’s Day Proclamation mentioned families with “two fathers” was going to “come back to haunt him”: 

In his Father’s Day Proclamation, Barack Obama became the first President ever to use the occasion to say that “two fathers” are a nurturing family unit. Homosexual groups must be beaming with delight today but this is the type of line that can really come back to haunt him. Do NOT underestimate the power of those two words.

First of all, by putting “two fathers” in your proclamation you are really running the risk of alienating networks of pastors and church goers who may buy into the President’s overall but draw the line when it comes to traditional marriage. You put these normally supportive pastors in a tough situation because the fact of the matter is the whole ‘two fathers” scenario DOES NOT play well in most Churches in America. And that is completely understandable.

Secondly, what is the upside here? To let the homosexual community know that they are a priority? Or is to march the ball down the field with language like this so it becomes more accepting as time goes on? I don’t know the reason but regardless, the political downside is much larger here than the political upside. That’s for sure.

Finally, let me just say that the President has a pretty neat and important event today on his Father’s Day initiative. (coming in a separate blog post) So why dilute the impact of that with these words? Father’s Day should NOT be controversial. The “two fathers” scenario is a very divisive issue. Why bring it up and take away from the big event of the day?

Brody knows that recognizing that some families have “two fathers” at Father’s Day is “divisive” and “controversial” and very, very upsetting to pastors and “most Churches in America.” 

And the reason he knows that is because is it very, very upsetting to him personally.