Sheriff David Clarke: Obama Has Turned America Into A ‘Hot Mess’

Last week on his program on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze radio network, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke continued his criticism of President Obama’s handling of race relations in America. Clarke is convinced that America has “retrogressed” because Obama has “incited Americans against Americans.”

“The republic is in crisis right now,” Clarke said. “Obama has pitted the poor against the rich, he’s pitted blacks against whites, he’s pitted illegal immigrants against American citizens, he’s pitted women against men.” Clarke concluded that America is a “hot mess right now.”

Clarke then compared the current social unrest in the country to other “defining moments” in American history, such as the Revolution, the Civil War and World War II. He argued that America will survive, just like we did before, but only if people are willing to fight back against “subversives” like Obama who are “trying to bring this republic down.”

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