David Barton Says The National Museum Of African American History Is Teaching ‘Absolutely Abominable Indoctrination’

Earlier today, Glenn Beck had announced his plans to build a history museum through which he and Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton can personally teach the “real” history of America to visitors. Apparently, the need for such a museum is greater than ever since, as Barton said on his “WallBuilders Lives” radio program today, the new National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., is nothing but a “memorial to racism and slavery.”

Responding to a listener who questioned the accuracy of Michelle Obama’s true statement that the White House was built using slave labor, Barton accused the former first lady of misrepresenting history because, while slaves were undoubtedly used, free white and black laborers also worked on the construction.

Barton complained that the “current way that we teach black history is [that] the only blacks that ever lived in America were slave blacks,” and proclaimed that that this skewed view of history has infected the new Museum of African American History.

Barton, who has apparently not actually visited the museum himself, said that his son Tim toured it recently and discovered that “it is a memorial not to black history, but it is a memorial to racism and slavery.”

Barton spent several minutes attacking the museum before declaring that “this museum is absolutely abominable indoctrination, which is the same thing … that Michelle Obama is repeating. Maybe she visited that museum.”