David Barton On Trump’s Cabinet Picks And Agenda: ‘I’m Loving What I’m Seeing’

On today’s “WallBuilders Live” radio broadcast, Republican political operative and right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton rejoiced in the election of Donald Trump, especially because he has handed over control of his legislative agenda to Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who shares the Religious Right’s agenda.

Barton said that he has been thrilled with just about every Cabinet choice that Trump has announced because “he has overwhelmed us with very conservative folks.”

“I’m really pleased with the fact that the names he’s chosen aren’t just conservative, they are guys who are operatives,” Barton said. “They are guys who know the system and will go in with the intent of getting things back on track constitutionally; not just making government work but making it work constitutionally and I’m really thrilled with some of the names I’m seeing there.”

Barton’s co-host Rick Green said that he was excited that Pence is “basically being handed the legislative agenda” by Trump and given free rein to shape it as he sees fit. Barton agreed, saying that he has seen the Trump administration’s plan for its first 100 days in office and “it’s an extremely aggressive, very good plan from a constitutional conservative biblical values standpoint; I’m loving what I’m seeing there.”

Barton reported that he was just in Washington, D.C., meeting with various members of Congress and that he has several more trips planned in the coming weeks because “we’ve been asked to come and help on certain things.”

“Mr. Trump has allowed Mike [Pence] to take the legislative agenda and run with it,” Barton said. “He is not impeding him in any way on conservative issues and moral values. So, up and down, everything we’re seeing right now really, really is good. This is not what even the most optimistic supporters of Trump had hoped for; this is better than what they had hoped for.”