David Barton: N.C. Gov. McCrory Lost Because He Got ‘Squishy’ On State’s Anti-LGBT Bathroom Bill

On today’s episode of “WallBuilders Live,” Religious Right activist and right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton provided a recap of Tuesday’s election results and declared that North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory lost his bid for re-election because he got “squishy” on defending HB2, the state’s anti-LGBT bathroom law.

“I’m being told that he could have won,” Barton said, “had he not got so squishy on the bathroom bill. He kind of backed away from it after he signed it and that made people kind of say, ‘Ah, no.’ The problem with this is that his lieutenant governor never backed away and so Dan Forest is part of that package and that’s not good to lose Dan. So I’m told that out of North Carolina, he was being punished for being equivocal instead of being strong.”

“Only five percent of voters in the election had any kind of LGBT affiliation,” he continued, “so that’s still a very small group, a very small thing. They tend to exercise more power than they have because of the power of intimidation and fear and whatnot and people are afraid of crossing them, pastors are afraid to say anything about the issue because it might offend somebody and businesses are afraid to say anything. But they’re still a very small group in the turnout.”

In reality, it was McCrory’s vigorous support for the wildly unpopular law that most likely contributed to his defeat. Also, in North Carolina, the governor and lieutenant governor run independently, and Forest won re-election.