David Barton Loves Trump’s Judicial Nominees: ‘It’s Like Me Putting Them In Office’

The final episode of the “Faith for Our Nation” series produced by Kenneth Copeland Ministries for the purpose of preparing conservative Christians to vote in the 2018 midterm elections was dedicated to explaining that “Voting for Godly Judges Sets Our Nation’s Course.” The program featured former Rep. Michele Bachmann and right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton insisting that the proper role of a judge is issue rulings according to God’s law.

“A good judge proclaims the precepts of God, ultimately, because they understand the precepts of God and the premises of God and that’s how you get decisions based on wisdom, judgment, understanding, common sense,” Bachmann said.

Praising the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, Bachmann warned that there are hundreds of judges who will be appointed at both the state and federal levels, which means that it is imperative for Christians to elect godly politicians who will install judges “that will be reflective of God’s law.”

Quoting from the Bible, Barton insisted that it is the responsibility of judges to “honor God [and] fear the Son, otherwise you are going to create wrath.”

“You should be rendering the same decision the Lord himself would render in that because He is the God of justice,” Barton said. “The word to Trump and to the Senate is to put judges in there that are God-fearing.”

Barton said that he has been thrilled with the judicial nominees put forward so far by Trump because “a lot of these guys that are being appointed are guys that I’ve worked with in court cases who were taking the same position, so it’s like I almost feel like I choose these guys. It’s like me putting them in office.”