David Barton: Great Britain Collapsed Because It Divided Israel

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s Believers Voice of Victory network is running a series of programs this week that feature former Rep. Michele Bachmann and right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton and are aimed at preparing conservative Christians to vote in the 2018 midterm elections.

Entitled “Faith for Our Nation,” the effort features Barton, Bachmann and pastor Keith Butler narrating a handful of short videos explaining what they believe is the proper biblical position on various political issues, as well several longer programs covering everything from abortion to education to judges.

On today’s broadcast, which was dedicated to the topic of Israel, Bachmann warned that every nation will be held to account for whether its public policies reflected Gods will on his issue.

“Every individual that has ever lived has a relationship with Israel for blessing or cursing,” she said. “But so too, when we read Matthew 25, every nation also has a relationship with Israel, because Matthew 25 says all nations will be called to the valley of Jehoshaphat and there Jesus will be on his throne and he separates the nations—[not just] the people, but the nations—for the sheep and the goat. On what basis? How they treated Zion. So our nation has been blessed because we have blessed Israel, but as we as a nation turn against Israel, then we receive repercussions.”

After Butler noted that God said repeatedly in the Bible that “the land belongs to Israel forever,” Barton asserted that Great Britain collapsed as a result of seeking to divide Israel.

“It was Great Britain, under the British Mandate, that made Israel give up that extra land,” Barton said. “All the land used to be there until the British gave it away and at the time the British gave that away, they were the largest, most powerful nation in the world. Now where are they today? They caused Israel to give away the land and there is no Great Britain [like it used to be].”

“The greatest Zionist is God,” Bachmann interjected. “When we agree with God’s viewpoint, that is where we have unity, that is where you have hope, that is where you have happiness. The issue of Israel is the Bible, the covenant, Abraham—three-fourths of the Bible is the Old Testament, God is the first character, what’s the second? Israel. Israel is the second character in the Old Testament and the question is are we going to agree with God or not?”