Dave Daubenmire: Trump’s Election Is An Opportunity For Christians To ‘Crush The Enemy’

Over the weekend, radical Religious Right activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire spoke at the 2017 Wisconsin Christian News Ministry Expo and Conference, where he declared that the election of Donald Trump has given right-wing Christians in America an opportunity to “crush the enemy.”

Daubenmire stated that Trump’s election is an obvious sign that “God has done something miraculous in America” by keeping “the devil’s kids” out of the White House.

“Donald Trump is the bouncer at the bar,” he said. “He stepped into the door and began to protect Christian values, and he began to stand in the doorway and blocked the door and said to the devil’s team, ‘NO!'”

As such, now is the time for conservative Christians to “double down,” Daubenmire said, “and crush the enemy.”

“Not love the enemy!” he bellowed. “Crush the enemy! Why? They’re on the devil’s team. They’re on the devil’s team! Crush them, then lead them to Jesus. Don’t try to lead them to Jesus, crush ’em! Give ’em the fear of the Lord!”

“Donald Trump blocked the door,” Daubenmire concluded, “and he’s waiting for us.”