Dave Daubenmire: Recent Terror Attacks Were Orchestrated By The CIA To Prevent Trump From Becoming President

Ohio-based Religious Right activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire dedicated a recent episode of his “Pass The Salt” webcast to laying out his conspiracy theory that the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey and the terrorist attack on a Christmas market in Germany were orchestrated by the CIA for the purpose of derailing the Electoral College vote and preventing Donald Trump from becoming president.

On Tuesday, Daubenmire said that it was pretty “amazing” that at a time when the Electoral College was voting to officially make Trump the next president of the United States, a Russian ambassador was “allegedly shot” and a “truck accident” killed and injured dozens in Germany.

Daubenmire therefore had to ask if these attacks were “being orchestrated” by the “dark side of the Central Intelligence Agency,” the same shadowy group that he claimed also assassinated President John F. Kennedy.

“There is a very dark element of the Central Intelligence Agency,” he said, “and the CIA is doing everything they can to make sure that Donald Trump doesn’t get to become president of the United States because he will drain that swamp.”