Dave Daubenmire: Kavanaugh Allegations are Proof that White Christian Men are Being ‘Sexually Profiled’

On his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this morning, Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire said that the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh are evidence that white Christian men “are being sexually profiled.”

Daubenmire said that he was traveling though a TSA airport checkpoint recently when the Holy Spirit spoke to him and revealed that white Christian men are under demonic attack.

“The Holy Spirit said, ‘Well, Coach, men are being sexually profiled,'” Daubenmire said. “He said, ‘Aren’t you watching? Aren’t you watching what’s going on there in Washington, D.C., with Kavanaugh? Don’t you realize that they’re profiling, particularly, white men?'”

He went on to recite a litany of characterizations purportedly made by Kavanaugh opponents—all offered without attribution: “All white men rape women. All white men are animals. All white men only care about themselves. All white men only care about their penises,” Daubenmire rattled off. “Can’t you see, fellas, that we are all guilty, that we are all being sexually profiled?”

Daubenmire fumed that nobody cares about the assault allegations leveled against “that scumbag” Keith Ellison because he is a Muslim and everyone knows “that Muslims are deviants … they’re sexual deviants.”

“Are they sexually profiling the Muslims?” he asked. “Are they sexually profiling the little Chinese people that come walking through, the little Japanese people? Are they sexually profiling them? Are the sexually profiling the black men that come through? No, no, no, no, no. They’re sexually profiling the white Christian men. That’s what’s going on.”

“We are daily being sexually profiled,” Daubenmire continued. “Every one of us white, heterosexual Protestants are being sexually profiled by the Jezebel spirit.”