Curt Schilling: The Real ‘Radical Islamic Extremist’ Is ‘The Person That Isn’t Killing In The Name Of Their God’


Curt Schilling, the former Major League Baseball pitcher fired from his sports commentary job after posting bigoted memes on Facebook, told Breitbart News radio listeners that the real “radical Islamic extremists” are Muslims who do not actively murder in the name of their faith.

Schilling, who hosts “Whatever It Takes” on Breitbart News Radio, was defending the sanctity of Columbus Day with Media Research Center’s Matt Philbin this morning when he argued that every country is founded on conquest, whether liberals like it or not. Philbin and Schilling cited the spread of Islam to further their argument.

“Every single square foot of the world that is under Islamic rule was taken by military conquest,” Schilling said. “No exceptions. And that is the doctrine that the prophet Mohammed preached, as well.”

Schilling went on to say that he has read the Quran three times and spent the last read-through highlighting any passage that expressed what Schilling considered “extremism.”

“Nowadays, the radical Islamic extremist is the person that isn’t killing in the name of their god, because the book is very clear. The mandate is a world full of people following Allah or nobody,” Schilling said.