Curt Schilling Gripes About Liberal ‘Wussified’ ‘Ebonics,’ Defends Use Of Torture

Major League Baseball pitcher turned conservative talk radio host and potential Massachusetts Republican Senate candidate Curt Schilling recently launched an online radio program through Breitbart, the conservative news site formerly run by now top Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon, and devoted a portion of Friday’s episode of his program to railing against liberals for creating “a country full of gigantic pussies” and speaking in a “wussified” version of “Ebonics.” He also defended the use of torture, saying that he’d support going so far as to “cut off the ballsack of a terrorist.”

In an interview with Milo Yiannopolous, a Breitbart editor and famous proponent of the racist Alt-Right movement, Schilling complained of “a country full of gigantic pussies” and declared that he would “throat-punch the next person I hear the word ‘micro-aggressions’ from.”

He added that “the left has made this entirely new language that is bordering on Ebonics for ‘micro-aggressions’ and ‘safe spaces’ and it’s so, and it is wussified. And here’s the thing. We went away from a world where being a man and taking care and providing for your family or being a woman and being a stay-at-home mom and raising your children has become a negative.”

Yiannopolous was happy to be egged on in his trademark bashing of “political correctness,” saying that liberals are “inverting values, making the things that used to be great and noble and decent and true, whether it is freedom, Christianity, kindness, the nuclear family, whatever, and demonizing them, ridiculing them, turning them into objects of loathing and derision.”

He added that he believed that Trump’s election would allow America to again become “by far the greatest country in the history of human civilization.”

Earlier in the interview, in a discussion of terrorism—which Schilling claimed is only committed by Muslims—Schilling expressed his support for the use of torture, saying he’d go as far as to “cut off the ballsack of a terrorist.”

“I mean, waterboarding,” he said. “Give me a break. I don’t care what you do. And maybe that makes me, maybe that is part of my imperfect Christianity, but if you have to cut off the ballsack of a terrorist to save thousands of American lives, you know what, I hate the fact that you go there but you have to protect and save—and that might be a little strong, cutting off the ballsack….if you have to kick someone in the bollock to get those things.”