Conservative radio host calls it: God to vote Republican!

Right-wing radio host Michael Medved in his new Townhall column has discovered how God would vote in the upcoming election, and the answer isn’t surprising. According to Medved, “it’s difficult to escape the conclusion that the Almighty would cast his all-important ballot for Republicans.”

But how can he be so sure of how God would vote in November? Well, Medved argues that progressives’ commitment to social justice cannot have religious sanction because he says that progressivism, unlike conservatism, is inherently discriminatory. “Biblical view” (read: Medved’s personal reading of the Bible) “directly contradicts the leftist inclination” of “unequal, potentially unfair treatment by government.” To prop up his point, Medved argues that spiritual and religious progressives are simply not as knowledgeable as the clergymen “who focus on Scripture as written” and accordingly “lean overwhelmingly to the right.”

Medved’s declaration that God would vote Republican and that conservatives have the best understanding of scripture echoes the views of other figures on the Right such as Glenn Beck, who called on parishioners to run away from and report churches who believe in social and economic justice. Beck said that social and economic justice are merely “code words” for Nazism and Communism, and also asserted that “progressivism is the cancer in America.” He has also claimed that progressives don’t have God on their side but are “enemies of God,” but you can “stand with God” if you follow Beck!

As right-wing commentators attempt to claim God as a GOP booster, Pastor Michael Hidalgo of the Denver Community Church reminds us that “God is not a Nazi or a Communist. Nor is God Democrat or Republican. In fact, God has no political affiliation.”