Congressional Candidate Sean Feucht Says He’s a Fulfillment of His Own Prayer for Deliverers

Congressional candidate Sean Feucht appeared at Movement 2020 (Photo: Peter Montgomery for Right Wing Watch)

Congressional candidate Sean Feucht, a musician and worship leader at northern California’s Bethel Church, was a participant at the Movement 2020 gathering that began on New Year’s Eve. On Thursday night, Feucht was asked to make the pitch for contributions, and he used the opportunity to tell a bit of his own story and promote his candidacy for California’s 3rd Congressional District seat.

Feucht described being a part of The Call, Lou Engle’s prayer event on the National Mall in 2000, where he remembers “asking God to reverse the death decree of Roe v. Wade” and praying that God “would raise up deliverers that would fight for the unborn, that would fight for family values, that would fight for freedom in our nation.”

“Little did I know,” he said, that 20 years later he would become “a fulfillment” of that prayer, adding, “But here I am.”

The crowd cheered for Feucht when he talked about running for Congress, which he described as “an obedience thing.”

“I live in a state right now that’s the number one promoter of death,” he said. “I live in a state that’s setting the standard for progressive policy’s anti-Christ agenda. Someone’s got to take a stand.” As a candidate, Feucht sometimes sounds more like he is running for governor or for the state legislature with his complaints about everything from state regulations to sex education requirements.

“The only hope for America, a divided nation, is a unified worshiping church,” he declared. “And it’s actually funny, because that’s my whole campaign strategy, worshiping. People think I’m crazy. We’re going to go all across District 3 in California, we’re just going to worship. And we’re going to unify the church, and we’re going to breathe hope into the lives, hope into the bones of people in California to rise up.”

Feucht said he understands “why nobody wants to do this stuff,” describing “hit pieces that are being written about me” and claiming that “more people hate me now than any time before.” But he quoted Billy Graham as having said, “When a courageous man takes a stand, the spines of everyone else are stiffened.” Feucht added, “So God, I want the church to have a spine again, to stand up for the things that matter.”

Feucht said he’s overwhelmed with the need to raise $2 or $3 million for his campaign. “God, I didn’t sign up for this!” he said. But Feucht said in the final days of the year he’s been “sowing like crazy,” giving as much money as he can to other nonprofits and churches, because, he said, he knows the principles of sowing and reaping. He said it will be a miracle if he raises the $3 million. “But I know we’re called to sow an extravagant seed, and I know that God’s going to honor that.”

Turning to his assignment to make a pitch for Awaken the Dawn, the group that organized Movement 2020 as a launching pad its plans for a nationwide caravan of public worship tents this year, Feucht said, “I’m telling you tonight I feel a grace for us to sow an extravagant seed into worship being raised up across America.” He encouraged people to give with “extravagant generosity.”

Feucht and some of his Bethel colleagues were among a group of conservative evangelicals who gathered to worship and pray over President Donald Trump in the White House in December.