Cindy Jacobs Dreams Of Swamp Hunters


“Prophet” Cindy Jacobs shared with Charisma readers this morning a vision she had about a swamp being drained, which she said was a sign for prayer warriors to “aggressively fight for righteousness” in Washington, D.C.. Jacobs is a council member of the Trump-supporting dominionist network POTUS Shield, which has prayed recently for, among other things, God to expose leakers who are damaging the Trump administration.

Jacobs describes a vision of a swamp being drained leading to a war among the swamp creatures for the remaining water and territory. Then swamp hunters waded in and began a horrific battle. Here’s what it all means, according to Jacobs:

The interpretation of this is that the situation in Washington is going to heat up even more! It is going to get vicious. It will heat up until it will seem difficult to see what is really happening.

I realized this vision was given to me to encourage us, as intercessors for the nation, to have the courage to aggressively fight for righteousness. More things that are hidden are going to come to light. Some of the “swamp creatures” are going to turn on each other.

More exposures are coming. We need to pray for those who are fighting for what is right in Washington. When you see the swamp war getting more vicious, press in deeper in intercession—it is a sign that progress is being made.