Cindy Jacobs: 2017 Will See Christian ‘Media Revolutionaries’ Replace Liberal Media Outlets That Are Persecuting Christians

Respected prophet” Cindy Jacobs appeared on an episode of “It’s Supernatural With Sid Roth” recently to discuss “what’s next on God’s prophetic calendar concerning America” in the coming year, where she prophesied that 2017 will see any liberal media outlet that attempts to persecute Christians “fall down” because their wealth will be given over to Christian “media revolutionaries.”

“The pressure that is going to be put on society is actually going to enrage Satan and so there is going to be this persecution” of Christians in America, she said. “If they continue to persecute the church and the singer who will stand up and not be ashamed and not be in political correctness, those networks, those media outlets are going to fall down.”

“The Lord is raising up an alternative voice that is media revolutionaries,” she continued. “These media revolutionaries are going to take away the wealth of these liberal networks that have dared touch the apple of God’s eye. It’s going to happen.”