Chuck Baldwin: Gun Reform ‘Is An Attack From Hell Itself’

Earlier this month, right-wing pastor, radio host, and former Constitution Party presidential nominee Chuck Baldwin declared that it was a “biblical requirement” for every Christian to own an assault-style rifle and that those who don’t are “worse than a heathen.” Shortly after making that statement, Baldwin delivered an entire sermon on the subject at his Liberty Fellowship church in Montana, during which he asserted that any effort at gun reform “is an attack from hell itself.”

“I tell you the truth,” Baldwin said. “Satan and his minions have, in their minds, determined that now is the time to attack the God-given duty and liberty of people to defend themselves and to take away from us our ability to do that. This is a concerted attack, not from liberal Democrats and neocon Republicans, this is an attack from hell itself.”

Baldwin insisted that the requirement to own an assault rifle for self-defense is “a God-given law,” therefore “any attack on this law is an attack on God’s law” that is no different than the government declaring that Christian churches cannot preach the gospel or baptize converts or support missionary efforts.

“This is an attack on God’s law and God’s word, just as much as any of the above,” he said.

“I’ll tell you one thing,” Baldwin concluded. “Here in the Flathead Valley of Montana, Chuck Baldwin and Liberty Fellowship will not surrender this spiritual law that God has given to us … We will not—at the cost of our lives—we will not surrender what our God has given to us.”