Janet Mefferd On Student Gun Control Protests: ‘Enough Is Enough’

Religious Right radio host Janet Mefferd declared “enough is enough” over student walkouts to protest gun violence, asking, “At what point to do you have to have order in society?”

During yesterday’s episode of “Janet Mefferd Live” on American Family Radio, Mefferd warned that the walk-out protests over gun violence could lead to other walk-outs, including ones organized by LGBTQ activists, and asked at what point schools must stop the protests to ensure that we “have order in society.”

“This is just my gut reaction—get back to class. You’re here to get an education. We’re not going to act like the lefties where it’s all rebellion and sit-ins and protests,” Mefferd said. “You know, I’m sick of it. At what point to do you have to have order in society and say, ‘Tough. You know what? Fine, graduate from high school, you’re 18, do whatever you want, but even if you go to college, hopefully you’ll have to encounter some grownups in the administration there’?”

“Enough is enough. You’re a minor, kid. Get back in class,” Mefferd said.