Christian Nationalist Pastor Dusty Deevers Is Running for a Seat in the Oklahoma Senate

Dusty Deevers is a far-right Christian nationalist Oklahoma pastor who is the Republican nominee for a seat in the state Senate, where he vows to apply “the word of God to every issue” in order to abolish abortion, pornography, and no-fault divorce and even institute the public shaming of adulterers.

Recently, Deevers appeared on a program called “The Sword and The Trowel” to promote his campaign and explain how he intends to, if elected, ensure that every aspect of government and society is brought under the authority of Jesus Christ.

“[I am] going to be applying the word of God to every issue that comes up,” Deevers promised. “We have a Constitution that is, by God’s grace, it’s upholding the word of God predominantly, so we don’t have to have them in competition with each other. So as a candidate, the biggest thing that I can bring to the table is we are going to have legislation and we’re going to have argumentation from the floor that’s based on God’s word.”

“We want to see morality brought back into government,” he continued. “I want to see pornography abolished. I want to see no-fault divorce, come back to at-fault in divorce—and even public shaming for those who are at fault in divorce. I want to see abortion abolished. These are the kinds of morality and government issues that we need to get back to.”

Later in the program, Deevers dismissed the concept of separation of church and state, insisting that Christ is “the ruler of all the kings of the Earth” and therefore civil government must always operate under “the presupposition is Christ is Lord.”

“When you think of a government practicing righteousness, then we have to ask, ‘By what standard?'” Deevers asserted. “And the standard is the God who created everything and who will not be thwarted in all of his plans. And if we recognize that Christ has been seated, after his resurrection, was seated the right hand of the Father, high above every ruler and every authority and every name that is named and he is now, as Revelation 1 says, the governor, the ruler of all the kings of the Earth, then yes, we can recognize that there is a difference between the civil government and the church, but under that, Christ is ruling and he is king over all. So, it’s a presuppositional approach to government and and the church, and the presupposition is Christ is Lord.”

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